Essex Museum Clam Basket

13 1/2” x  20″ x 16 3/4”

White oak on galvanized wire

The Essex Shipbuilding Museum (MA) has created a project to replicate a vintage clamming skiff and clam harvest basket. The basket part of the project calls for reproducing one of the original baskets from the area and teaching several classes for the community.

The new basket (shown above) is made with #12 gauge galvanized wire woven with white oak from near the museum.

Here’s an article, Reviving a Clamming Tradition, regarding the project in the Gloucester Daily Times. 


Original white oak clam basket from Essex

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  1. I remember seeing one of these baskets in a basket collectors book I used to study the picture in, when I first started weaving back in the early 80s. I will be interesting in seeing how you wrap the wire around the rims once the basket is woven. Good luck. This looks exciting.

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