Painted Lady

egg basket

Gizzard Basket

12″ x 12″ x 10 1/2″

Hand-split white oak and reed; milk paint, varnish

The handle, hoop, wrap and initial woven splits are white oak. The ribs and bulk of weaving are reed. A gift for a friend who needed a basket in her collection that sits way up high on a shelf and says, “Come on up and see me sometime.”

5 Comments on “Painted Lady

  1. Having been a basket lover most of my life, I have never owned a beautiful
    hand made basket. Thank you Billy. I appreciate the tremendous number of hours that went into making my basket. It is truly a work of art that I will always treasure.

    With love, Joanie

  2. Joanie,
    Glad you like the basket. It was a pleasure to make because I knew it would be appreciated. Best wishes to you, Bobby and the family.

    • I will be taking new orders mid-summer, and would be interested in making a version of the basket for you. Depends on size but the one shown runs about $500. Thanks for your interest. Email:

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